First opening up the BEFULFILLED journal and spending that first few minutes in reflection may not seem life-changing. The first few days of writing out your goals and following the steps may not make you feel much different. But something happens somewhere in this process. Something in you wakes up and starts dreaming, reaching, and believing for something better. And one of the biggest keys to this revelation comes with being involved in our BEFULFILLED Facebook group of like-minded people. People who are willing to stretch themselves and stretch you. People who are waking up and realizing success with their goals every day.


People like Debra who set a goal for logging 1 million steps by November 5th and finished it 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Debra didn’t stop there. Her success inspired an entire community of walkers who are getting healthier together.

Then there’s Nicole, who started a brand new Amazon e-commerce company with the support of this group. And how about Freda, whose group participation helped her get on track with her wholesale organic food business? She booked 3 statewide school nutrition food shows!


Matt set the goal of auditioning for a TEDx Talk and nailed it. He is currently awaiting his good news. Scott Colby wrote and launched his new book, The Grateful Entrepreneur. Be sure to check it out on Amazon! Douglas started exceeding his weekly sales goal by 40% with the help of this group. FORTY PERCENT! And let’s not forget Roshni, who doubled his revenue after getting encouragement from the group to switch from one to two client services a week.


And the list goes on and on!


SUCCESS -- All thanks to the accountability, suggestions, and mentorship of the BEFULFILLED group members. Some goals are small, some goals are huge. But all are significant and one step toward a more fulfilling life.