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Why Chasing Success is Killing You

Do you ever wish you had effective time management tools? Imagine what it would look like to have a clear idea of what you had to do each day and if you had the focus to accomplish those tasks? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from author and thought leader, Dave Crenshaw. Dave opens up about how has been able to create a focused and successful life that he enjoys with his family. He also touches on his definition of success, how you can find more time in your day, the myth of multitasking, and so much more! You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Dave!

Do you have the kind of life that you’ve always wanted to have?

If you were really honest about your life right now, can you say that you are living the life you’ve always wanted to live? Seriously? Are you doing the kind of work that excites you? Are you with a partner who supports and encourages you? Are you achieving the things in life you had always hoped you would go after? Dave Crenshaw has set out to live the life he’s always wanted to live, that’s his definition of success. He says that it’s important for everyone to come to terms with their own definition of success and quit chasing someone else’s definition. What does that mean for you? Get more valuable insights from Dave on this episode of BeFulfilled!

What is your “Oasis?”

As a business leader, you are always striving and reaching for the next milestone or goal, as much as that excites and fires you up, what are you doing to recharge? How do you personally step back and relax each day, does it happen with your family? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from Dave Crenshaw as he goes over the concept of the “Oasis” and how it plays out as one of several effective time management tools. Dave touches on two oases, one is a personal one that he takes every day at 4:30pm, this is his time to relax and do what he wants to do. The second oasis is the one that involves his family, each day at 5pm he shows up and is completely present with his family. How can you work oasis’ into your life? Learn more about this concept and other great lessons from Dave on this episode!

Are you living in the culture of WISH?

Many productive and profitable business leaders find themselves caught up in what Dave Crenshaw calls, the “Culture of WISH.” This culture of WISH can rob you of precious time in the here and now. Dave describes the culture of wish as;





Don’t let your time management tools go to waste! If you fall into this trap, you deprive yourself and others of the very thing you need to have success. Don’t put off moments of fun, joy, and relaxation. These things give you the little pick me up you need to stay motivated! Learn more from Dave’s valuable insight on this episode of BeFulfilled!

You may have seen an article about how multitasking is a myth and maybe you brushed it off into the background. Don’t be so quick to dismiss that truth! You might think that multitasking is one of several time management tools, but its a lie! On this episode of BeFulfilled, Dave Crenshaw goes over the lessons he has learned and the studies that have been conducted that reveal why multitasking is a lie. Not only does Dave shed light on this myth, he also gives helpful alternatives for leaders like you to use your time more effectively and get the most out of your day. To hear more, make sure to catch this episode!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Dave Crenshaw.
  • [2:00] What does success mean to Dave? What was Dave’s childhood like?
  • [5:30] Dave talks about his career as a coach.
  • [8:30] Time management and conditioning.
  • [10:00] What does “Fun” look like for Dave.
  • [13:30] Dave talks about the “Culture of Wish.”
  • [15:30] How does Dave help people find more time in their day?
  • [18:30] Why do people think they can multitask?
  • [22:30] What does simplicity mean to Dave?
  • [24:00] Dave enters the “Fulfillment Round.”

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