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Discover Your Potential and Act On It! – Antonio Thornton

Are you fully utilizing your potential or are you just doing enough to get by? Too often leaders will go their whole career without realizing their full potential, or they hit a certain degree of success and then rest on their laurels. What if you could fully discover your potential and avoid burnout? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Antonio Thornton.

Antonio has over twenty years of experience in marketing and working with thousands of entrepreneurs. His calling is to use his gifts to help those who help others by getting their message out to the rest of the world. Antonio specifically works with holistic health and wellness professionals to build meaningful and profitable businesses that genuinely impact the world.

In his conversation with Tony, Antonio opens up about his childhood, the significant moments that shaped the course of his life, how he confronted fear in his life, the lessons he learned from successful and unsuccessful business ventures, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this engaging episode featuring Antonio’s story!

Living an unfulfilled life.

Are you living a fulfilled life? Seriously! Many leaders go through their life on autopilot going from task to task or obligation to obligation missing out on the beauty and potential all around them. Early in his life, Antonio learned that he had an extra internal desire to work hard and overachieve. He saw his school work and other opportunities as a way to showcase his abilities, but for many years he was stuck feeling unfulfilled. Eventually, he got placed in a more challenging educational environment, but he still felt like he wasn’t reaching his full potential. What lessons can you learn from Antonio’s story? Hear more on this powerful episode of BEFULFILLED!

Fitting a square peg in a round hole.

Taking his lessons of hard work and hustle from childhood, Antonio soon found himself working as a computer tech at a major corporation. If you think that this would be the moment in Antonio’s journey where he finally arrived, you’d be wrong. Antonio found that he didn’t quite fit in the corporate environment very well; it was like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. He could do the work, but he couldn’t fit with the standards and expectations that corporate life placed on him. Looking back, Antonio points to this moment as helping him understand that he would be wasting his full potential by working as an employee. Antonio realized that he was meant to live the life of an entrepreneur. Get even more details and helpful insights from Antonio’s journey by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!

Divorcing your self-worth from your net worth.

Part of the process to discover your potential is to understand that what you can create is not connected to your value as an individual. In Antonio’s words, this is “Divorcing your self-worth from your net worth.” Are you still taking too much pride in what you can create and earn? Don’t let that drive your emotional, spiritual, and mental health! Your value rests in your character, that is the only thing that doesn’t fluctuate based on external factors. After he hit rock bottom, Antonio started to learn this lesson, and he’s grateful that today he can say that he is operating out of his full potential. Learn more about discovering your potential by listening to this inspiring episode of BEFULFILLED!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Antonio Thornton.
  • [1:45] Antonio’s definition of success.
  • [3:40] What was Antonio’s childhood like?
  • [11:00] Antonio shares some of the most significant moments of his life.
  • [25:40] Tony recaps the three impressionable moments from Antonio’s life.
  • [29:20] Who has helped Antonio on his journey toward success?
  • [33:20] Confronting fear.
  • [36:30] The business that Antonio is the proudest of creating.
  • [40:40] What was the most successful business opportunity that Antonio has pursued?
  • [44:00] What is the Fearless Impact Movement?
  • [50:20] Dealing with functional depression.
  • [54:30] Antonio enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.

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