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Behind Success

What good will all of your success and wealth do if you fail to leverage your strengths to help others? Most successful individuals won’t end up as the next Bill Gates, using their wealth for philanthropic causes but there has to be more to life than just the accumulation riches, right?

On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from the talented and enthusiastic young leader, Cam Martinez. Cam manages the growth and operations of a membership association called “LVRG” where they offer lower prices on tools that entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses (i.e. Kajabi, ActiveCampaign, etc). Every time someone purchases their membership they donate a percentage to a non-profit called Feed A Billion.

In his conversation with Tony, Cam talks about his childhood, his definition of success, why he loves to learn and help others, how he got connected with Leverage, lessons he has learned along the way, and much more. Don’t miss a minute of this powerful conversation featuring Cam’s story!

From pain to hope and help.

How has your past influenced where you’ve ended up today? Did you have a challenging childhood or a rather ordinary one? The good news is, where you’ve been doesn’t’ have to determine where you will go! All over the world, there are men and women like Cam Martinez who have been able to move past their pain to enjoy a future filled with hope.

After his parent’s marriage ended in an ugly divorce, Cam decided to move in with his grandparents for a more healthy home environment. Looking back on his childhood, Cam is incredibly grateful for the impact his grandmother had on his life. She taught him how to find the silver lining in what was a challenging period of his life. Who has helped you through challenging moments in your life?

What is LVRG?

Keeping the negative and difficult aspects of your past from influencing your present is no small task but to move past the pain and leverage your strengths to help others is a whole different story! Cam Martinez has developed into a confident and successful leader, today you’ll find him hard at work behind the scenes at Leverage (LVRG).

On the surface, you might not think LVRG is a platform for good but you’d be wrong! What looks like just a community for entrepreneurs to network and get great discounts on services is actually a great platform for positive change. By leveraging their collective efforts, entrepreneurs and business leaders who join LVRG can help end hunger through the non-profit called Feed A Billion. To learn more about Cam’s role with LVRG and how you can leverage your strengths to help others, make sure to listen to his full conversation with Tony on this episode of BEFULFILLED!

Feeding the hunger to help.

Hearing from young and driven leaders like Cam Martinez can give even the most cynical person a much-needed dose of hope. Looking at Cam’s background you can get a glimpse of why he is so passionate about the work they do at LVRG. Have you heard the old saying, “Hurt people, hurt people?” There is a great twist on that saying that captures the essence of what Cam and the folks at LVRG are trying to accomplish, “Healed people, heal people.” Where are you at on your journey? Are you one of the healed or one of the hurt? If want to have any hope to leverage your strengths to help others, you’ve got to start with the person looking back at you in the mirror! Discover more helpful insights like this one from Tony’s conversation with Cam by listening to this episode of BEFULFILLED!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Cam Martinez.
  • [1:45] Cam talks about his definition of success and what his childhood was like.
  • [6:30] What Cam has learned from connecting with Tony.
  • [11:15] What is Leverage? How did Cam get involved?
  • [17:30] How did Cam’s parent’s divorce impact him?
  • [21:50] Who has Cam interviewed with his work at Leverage? Where is it headed?
  • [23:30] What does Cam’s daily routine look like?
  • [25:15] Cam enters the Fulfilment Round; rapid-fire questions.
  • [33:15] Closing thoughts from Cam and Tony.

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