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Have you ever met someone whose purpose and drive in life is to serve others? They are a rare breed! While that might not be your calling, what can you learn from someone who has built their life around that type of purpose? On this episode of BeFufilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and the self-proclaimed “Client Happiness Guy,” Carey Green! In his conversation with Tony, Carey opens up about his background as a minister, his love for his family, why he loves serving people, how he started Podcast Fast Track, and much more! You’ll enjoy every minute of this engaging episode featuring Carey!

Why pour out your time and energy to serve others?

Let’s face it, serving others isn’t sexy. One of the most maligned professions in the world is public servants, people love to hate politicians and others who’ve dedicated their lives to serving the public. Why does our culture have this knee-jerk reaction to serving others? The simple answer is, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it! For Carey Green, that answer couldn’t seem further from the truth. Over the course of his career, first starting out as a Christian minister and various side projects along the way to now working as an entrepreneur and business owner, Carey has discovered great joy in improving the lives of others. To hear more of Carey’s story and what makes him tick, make sure to check out this episode of BeFulfilled!

Valuable life lessons learned along the way.

Have you ever stopped to consider how your upbringing and the environment you were raised in has impacted your perception of the world and even your behavior? This little thought experiment can bring up some positive revelations and possibly dredge up some negative ones. Carey says that it was the blue-collar work ethic of his father that has made the most significant impact on the way he operates his business today. Small business owners are constantly running into hangups here and there but the thing that separates those who fail from the ones that excel is a stubborn tenacity to find a solution. Watching his father work, Carey learned from an early age that when you run into a challenge, you find a way to solve it, no matter what. What can you learn from Carey’s story? Discover more helpful insights by listening to this episode!

Taking a leap of faith from ministry to podcasting.

Taking a leap of faith is a scary thing. Whether that’s a leap of faith in moving to a new city, taking a new job, or starting a new relationship, change is scary! How do you know when it’s the right time to take that leap? On this episode of BeFufilled, you’ll hear from Carey Green as he shares how he went from a career as a minister to podcasting expert! Listening to Carey, you get the sense that he’s a man of integrity, case in point – when he no longer felt like his heart was in his calling as a minister, he decided to step away rather than fake it and go through the motions. After that decision was made, Carey had to plot a new way forward to provide for his family. Then, one day after working with a friend through the minutiae of editing, writing show notes, and publishing a podcast, a light went on, this is what he should do – build a business around helping others free up their time and focus on the fun part of podcasting! Since then, Carey hasn’t looked back, he now fulfills his calling to serve others through his business, Podcast Fast Track!

Why you should check out Podcast Fast Track!

Podcasting is hot right now and many people seem to think that it’s hitting market saturation, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The reality is, the average American hasn’t listened to a podcast this week. That goes to show that there is plenty of room for podcasting to grow, expand, and evolve! To help that process of evolution and creativity there’s got to be more services that can free up the time of podcasters so their content can go live! Carey started Podcast Fast Track because he knew first hand how frustrating it can be to have your creativity stymied by the monotony of all the behind the scenes tasks associated with polishing and publishing a podcast. Learn more about the amazing services of Podcast Fast Track and the humble mind behind it all by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Carey Green.
  • [1:35] Carey’s definition of success.
  • [2:20] What led Carey to live a life of serving others? What was his childhood like?
  • [6:00] Life lessons Carey has learned along the way.
  • [9:30] Carey talks about taking his family on their very first vacation.
  • [12:30] Taking a leap of faith.
  • [15:45] What is Podcast Fast Track? How did it get started?
  • [23:00] How has Carey’s business changed over the years?
  • [26:00] Clients that use Carey’s services.
  • [28:15] Carey enters the Fulfillment Round – rapid-fire questions.
  • [33:45] Closing thoughts from Tony.

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