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Clayton Morris with Tony Grebmeier (main site)

What does it take to overcome the all too common financial fears that plague many families around the kitchen table? Does wealth automatically solve financial fears or is it connected to something deeper? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from real estate investor and media personality, Clayton Morris. In his conversation with Tony, Clayton opens up about his childhood, how he got his start in broadcasting, what it took to overcome his financial fears, how he and his wife built their wealth, and so much more! Don’t miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Clayton!

Finding success in broadcasting.

Have you ever had that moment in your life where you felt like you finally found what you were meant to do? What was that calling for you? How has it changed over the years? For Clayton Morris, his calling was broadcasting and the medium of stand up comedy. He grew up watching the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman as his personal idols. Once Clayton found his calling in reporting the news, he gave it everything he had and quickly rose through the ranks eventually working as a weekend anchor for FOX & Friends. Clayton’s story serves as a great reminder that hard work and dedication can be your ticket to accomplishing your goals. Hear more about Clayton’s fascinating story by listening to this episode of BeFulfiled!

Facing financial fears head-on.

What was your childhood like growing up? Did your family always have enough in the bank account or was it a constant source of stress and worry? How did your upbringing impact your relationship with money? At a young age, Clayton Morris watched as his parents struggled with the news that his father lost his job. From that moment on, Clayton was haunted by financial fears that lasted well into adulthood. Thankfully, Clayton came across the opportunity to start investing in real estate which helped him unravel the grip that fear had on him for so long. What can you learn from Clayton’s story? Listen to this episode of BeFulfilled as Clayton expands on this topic and much more!

Know your “Why!”

Is success the best goal to reach for? What about power or fame? When chased, these pursuits can leave an individual with a sinking feeling that there is something more out there that they’ve missed. Don’t fall into that trap, you were made to find fulfillment in life! One of the best ways to find true and lasting fulfillment is by identifying and living out your “Why.” Have you found yours yet? Once Clayton Morris found his “Why,” everything else started to fall into place. Clayton’s “Why” is following his creative contentment wherever it may lead, currently, it’s exploring the paranormal. Don’t settle for the “Safe” route, find your “Why” and live life to the fullest!

Building a sustainable future.

When you dream of your future, what does it include? Do you see yourself traveling all over the world exploring different cultures and landmarks or do you dream of a more secluded future? How are you working toward your future plans right now? For Clayton Morris and his wife, the need to start building wealth in a sustainable way hit them like a ton of bricks. Finally free of financial fears, Clayton decided to go to work building up his investments and creating a way for his family to thrive financially. It wasn’t easy and there is still a lot of work to be done but Clayton can now look back at his decision to build wealth through real estate investments as one of the best decisions he’s ever made. Learn more about Clayton’s story and how he overcame financial fears by listening to this engaging episode of BeFulfilled!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Clayton Morris.
  • [1:20] Clayton’s definition of success.
  • [3:50] What was Clayton’s childhood like?
  • [5:50] How did Clayton get involved with broadcasting?
  • [10:50] Clayton talks about the struggle of connecting with a tv audience.
  • [14:10] Who are Clayton’s comedic idols?
  • [16:40] Growing up with fear about money.
  • [19:50] Greatest lessons Clayton learned from his father.
  • [22:30] What drives Clayton?
  • [25:00] Clayton talks about his podcast, Investing In Real Estate.
  • [32:15] How Clayton and his wife built their wealth.
  • [39:45] Clayton enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.

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