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Do you ever find yourself mindlessly going through the motions? Do you notice that you are often zoning out at the dinner table or scrolling endlessly through your Facebook or Instagram feed? What if there was a way to be present and embrace a more centered enjoyment of the present? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from serial entrepreneur and family man Dan Kuschell. In his conversation with Tony, Dan opens up about his childhood, his definition of success, early influences in sales and direct response marketing, lessons he has learned along the way, how he stays present, and so much more! Dan has so much wisdom to offer, you don’t want to miss a minute!

How fear can motivate change.

More often than not, people look at fear as a wholly negative emotion but did you know that you can use fear to make significant positive changes in your life? If you learn about the negative effects of smoking and become fearful of cancer, that can lead to a positive change in your life. Dan Kuschell had a similar health scare around the time his son was born when he woke up with severe chest pains. Going through this health scare that involved a trip to the hospital, Dan decided that he’d use his fear as a motivator for change in his life. After countless hours of hard work, healthy eating, and exercise, Dan is living a more healthy and hopeful life. What can you learn from Dan’s story? Find out more on this episode of BeFulfilled!

The impact of positive leadership.

What will be the legacy that you leave behind? Will the people in your life remember you for the success and fame you achieved or the wealth you created? What values do you want people to remember you standing for? As Dan’s parents move toward the last episode of their life, he can’t help but appreciate his father’s outstanding model of leadership. The primary lesson that Dan has learned from observing his father is that positive leadership endures the good times and the challenging times. If you want to be known as a solid leader, you’ve got to stay the course and be a rock! Hear more about Dan’s childhood and the impact his parents had on him by listening to this engaging episode!

Why it’s worth the struggle to be present.

Let’s face it, in today’s cultural climate it’s easier to be distracted than to be present. From flashy advertisements to social media channels, there are more ways to fill the void of time than ever before! Are all those distractions leading to a more fulfilled life? Dan Kuschell says, “No!” If you want to embrace a more centered and fulfilled experience, you need to learn how to slow down and be present with the environment and the people around you. According to Dan, one of the best things he ever learned how to do was to slow down and enjoy time with his wife and children. What steps can you take today to slow down? Do you need to leave your smartphone off for a period of time? Whatever it is for you, do it! Your friends and family deserve a more present you!

Take the time to celebrate your successes!

One of the primary symptoms of a distracted and fast-paced culture is failing to slow down to appreciate successes and victories won along the way. While tragedy and disaster make you pump the breaks and consider how to change your life, success rarely causes people to set aside some time for introspection. Why is that? Aren’t your successes more valuable than your failures? Don’t undervalue your successes, learn from them! To hear more about the value of appreciating your victories won along the way, make sure to listen to this powerful episode of BeFulfilled with guest, Dan Kuschell!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Dan Kuschell.
  • [1:30] Dan’s definition of success.
  • [4:00] What was Dan’s childhood like?
  • [9:00] Dan talks about early influences & getting involved with direct response marketing.
  • [15:30] Lessons learned along the way.
  • [19:00] Getting through a health scare and finding a healthy way forward.
  • [25:30] Revisiting Dan’s definition of success.
  • [28:00] What are the habits that are helping you succeed?
  • [30:30] Leadership is not easy.
  • [36:15] Celebrating successes achieved.
  • [42:00] Four key parts to an irresistible offer.
  • [48:00] Dan enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid fire questions.

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