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What does embracing a life of purpose mean to you? Is it something that you’ve identified for yourself or are you still searching for that missing piece? If you are still searching, you aren’t alone! Most people are struggling to answer this question. On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader Vinnie Fisher. Vinnie struggled with this question for years, going from business to business, searching for fulfillment and purpose. Listen to this episode as Vinnie shares his story and how he’s discovered a life of purpose and meaning. You don’t want to miss it!

Life viewed in seasons, changing and shifting over time.

How do you view your life? Have you always been the same person or have you evolved and changed over time? What has led to your growth and change? Has it brought you closer to living a life of purpose? Vinnie Fisher says that at one point in his life, he’d point to a milestone in business as his definition of success and achievement. Looking back, Vinnie sees his life as seasons, he’s grown and changed his perspective over time. Today, Vinnie’s view of success is centered on living a life of purpose and staying focused on the work he was created to do. What can you learn from Vinnie’s perspective? Find out on this engaging episode of BeFulfilled!

What do you attribute your productivity and success to? Did you have a great family life and support system around you that instilled important values in you from an early age? Or was it facing adversity and challenges early in life that helped shape your character? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from Vinnie Fisher as he opens up about his childhood and early career. Vinnie didn’t pride himself on being the smartest person in the room, he says that from an early age he learned to set himself apart by outworking everyone else. This drive to outwork everyone else has served him well and caused some difficulties along the way. Vinnie see’s this character trait as a gift that God gave him in spite of his upbringing and an integral part of discovering a life of purpose. Hear Vinnie expand on this topic and more on this episode!

The biggest lesson learned? Humility.

Life throws so many lessons our way. Which one stands out as the biggest lesson you’ve learned in your life so far? How has that lesson impacted the way you show up in the world? On this episode of BeFulfilled, Vinnie Fisher shares the biggest lesson he’s learned on his journey so far; humility. For a long time, Vinnie was the guy with all the answers, he’d be quick to speak and slow to listen. As he has matured and grown in wisdom, Vinnie now leads with questions. He is more interested in learning the perspective of others and letting his opinion take a backseat. Learn how humility has shaped Vinnie’s life both personally and professionally on this episode!

Discovering a life of purpose.

Have you found that one thing that lights you up? What is it that can be summed up as your life’s purpose? Is it your love for your family or those close to you? Is it a mission that excites you and you dedicate your time to? For Vinnie Fisher, it was what he calls a “Burden” to help other professionals build healthy environments both personally and professionally. This burden came to Vinnie from his years in the business industry succeeding and failing at creating healthy environments and it came from his love and passion to help people. Hear all about Vinnie’s story and the awesome organizations he’s created so he and others can live a life of purpose in this episode of BeFulfilled!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

[0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Vinnie Fisher.

[2:30] What does success look like for Vinnie?

[6:00] Vinnie talks about his early career including working at a law firm.

[9:00] Where did Vinnie’s drive to outwork everyone come from?

[12:30] What was Vinnie’s childhood like?

[17:00] Why did Vinnie start a hosting company? What happened to it?

[20:00] The biggest lesson learned along the way; humility.

[22:00] Vinnie talks about starting a supplement company. Why wasn’t it fulfilling?

[26:00] Tony shares how he met Vinnie.

[28:30] Vinnie’s journey to discovering his burden.

[35:00] Who does Vinnie listen to?

[37:30] Five lessons that Vinnie has learned over the years.

[41:30] Vinnie enters the Fulfillment Round.

[51:00] Closing thoughts from Vinnie.

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