The Real Stories
Behind Success

What does it mean to be “Spiritually Fit?” Is it all about following a set of rules an procedures according to an ancient tradition or is there something more to vibrant available? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from best-selling author and entrepreneur, John Rowley.

John is a best-selling author, international speaker, TV & radio personality, and the host of Positive Fitness Radio with John Rowley. He’s a contributor for Fox News, Martha Stewart and the Wall Street Journal as well as a contributor to many other media outlets.

In his conversation with Tony, John opens up about his childhood, how he defines success, what it takes to be “Spiritually Fit,” how he persevered after 300 rejections, and much more. Don’t just stumble through life; learn what it takes to live with purpose and meaning on this powerful episode!

It’s all about love.

What is it that animates and motivates you as you get up each and every day? Do you live for the thrill of the next sale or work accomplishment? It can be extremely difficult to get through the highs and lows of your journey if you don’t have a firm grasp on your “Why.” John Rowley’s “Why” is all about love. From the heights of success to facing an upcoming appointment for a triple bypass, at the end of the day, John wants to spend his time with those he loves. What can you learn from John’s story? Find out on this inspiring episode of BEFULFILLED!

Finding the grit to persevere.

One of the most important lessons that a person can learn in life both personally and professionally is the value of perseverance. Folks of older generations tend to lament the lack of grit and sticktoitiveness in younger generations. Would you say that you value grit? How do you respond when things get tough in your life?

John Rowley earned his grittiness by enduring over three hundred rejections as he tried to start a career in the cutthroat world of Manhattan real estate. In fact, you could say that most of John’s life is a lesson in enduring difficulty and succeeding in spite of challenges. To hear more about what it takes to persevere, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!

What does it take to get, “Spiritually Fit?”

Do you find comfort and strength in your faith? Have you ever considered investing the time to become, “Spiritually Fit?” It is no secret that religion often gets a bad reputation, and in many cases, it is warranted! But does that mean that we should throw out the baby with the bathwater?

Don’t let the bad behavior of a few ruin the positive lessons you can learn from a life built on faith. John Rowley struggled with the concept of religion for many years until one day, a friend shot him straight and told him about the hope and strength that could be found in a robust faith. Make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED as John expands on his faith and why he encourages people to become spiritually fit.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:33] Tony introduces his guest, John Rowley.
  • [2:15] John shares his definition of success.
  • [3:25] What was John’s childhood like?
  • [6:50] John talks about getting rejected over 300 times. How did he persevere?
  • [9:30] The difference between the long run and a short sprint.
  • [12:20] What John learned from his work in the real estate industry.
  • [17:10] John opens up about going through a triple bypass.
  • [26:45] What does it mean to be “Spiritually fit?”
  • [35:40] John talks about, “Old School New Body.”
  • [42:00] John enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.

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