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When was the last time you saw a great example of servant leadership? The truth is, most leaders aren’t known as servants. What would it look like to flip the script and see more servant leaders in positions of power and influence? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from servant leader Matt Cubbler. In his conversation with Tony, Matt opens up about his childhood, the influence his older brother had on his life, why he is drawn to servant leadership, and much more. You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Matt’s story!

Standing up for others.

What was the most defining moment for you in your childhood? Did you have a special trip that you took with your family that made an impact? Was it that moment when you made the team? From an early age, Matt Cubbler knew that he’d need to stand up for his older brother who was autistic and struggled with a speech impediment. Serving as the protector of his older brother had a life-altering impact on Matt as he continued to look for opportunities to protect and serve others well into adulthood. Matt carried the weight of responsibility for his older brother and let it shape him in the most positive way possible. Learn more of Matt’s inspiring story by listening to this episode of BeFufilled!

Embracing servant leadership.

What do you think of when you hear the term, servant leadership? Do you think of selfless leaders like teachers or humanitarian workers? Let’s face it, getting your hands dirty and serving others isn’t very sexy but it is one of the best ways to positively impact others. From an early age, Matt Cubbler decided that he’d stand up for others, starting with his older brother. In his professional career, Matt served in the military, as a police officer, bodyguard, and currently works to empower and equip others through public speaking. Every step of the way, Matt has witnessed the power of servant leadership and knows how much of a difference employing it can make. To hear more about the significance of servant leadership, make sure to listen to this episode of BeFufilled!

Connecting to a higher power.

Everyone wants to feel connected to something larger than themselves. For some people that larger connection is participating in charitable work, for others, it might be working toward social good, Matt Cubbler found that connection by placing his faith in God. Reeling from the pain of losing his older brother in a car accident, Matt couldn’t find healing for many years. Once those walls of pain started to come down, Matt turned to his faith to set him on a brighter path. Now, Matt has embraced a new calling, and he’s convinced that God has given him a second chapter in his life to go out and make a difference.

Building up the next generation.

As he looks to the next chapter of his life, Matt Cubbler is focused on building up the next generation. He has seen the impact that leaders can have on kids, and he wants to do whatever he can to set them up for success. Currently, Matt is working on an anti-bullying campaign that some schools in Pennsylvania are using to steer kids in the right direction. Matt is convinced that there aren’t enough positive influences in the lives of children and he wants to do as much as he can to be part of the solution. We need more servant leaders like Matt, wouldn’t you agree? Discover more of his story by listening to this engaging episode of BeFulfilled!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:40] Tony introduces his guest, Matt Cubbler.
  • [1:30] Matt’s definition of success.
  • [2:30] What was Matt’s childhood like?
  • [5:30] Matt opens up about his older brother.
  • [7:40] What led Matt to join the military? What was his career like?
  • [10:20] Matt talks about his post-military career.
  • [12:30] Thriving in chaos.
  • [15:15] Who has helped Matt along the way?
  • [20:20] How God has changed Matt’s life.
  • [27:00] Why Matt is convinced that servant leadership matters.
  • [29:00] What does Matt have planned for his future?
  • [32:15] Leaders who Matt looks up to.
  • [33:50] Matt enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.
  • [39:40] Closing wisdom from Matt.

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