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Melonie DeRose and Tony Grebmeier (main)

Imagine what it would mean for you both personally and professionally to learn how to overcome fear. How would that impact your decisions? What about your relationships? It has the potential to impact everything! On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator, Melonie DeRose. In her conversation with Tony, Melonie explains how she is able to overcome fear, why she chooses to celebrate small victories, what it takes to make pivots in business, why empowerment is so important to her, and so much more! You’ll walk away from this episode with tons of helpful and inspiring lessons, don’t miss it!

Empowerment can make all the difference.

What do you do with some of the most hurtful moments of your life? Do you bury them down deep and hope that nothing causes them to resurface? Is there a way to utilize and repurpose those hurts to make the world a better place? On this episode of BeFulfiled, Melonie DeRose opens up about some painful moments from her childhood and how that has led her to champion the cause of empowerment in women and girls. Learn what it took for Melonie to tap into that pain and create something worthwhile from it. Find out how Melonie’s story can unlock something transformative in your journey!

Refusing to be controlled by fear.

Let’s face it, the business world can throw a lot of challenges in a leader’s way. From the naysayers and critics to facing your own negative narratives, it can seem like the deck is stacked against you. What does it take to overcome the fear that seems to lurk around every corner? For Melonie DeRose, the move away from being controlled by fear came when she decided that she was ready for a shift in her mindset. She talks about this mindset shift as putting on a type of armor that enables her to endure all the challenges and hurdles that come her way and even the ones that crop up in her own mind. To hear more about Melonie’s challenges and how she’s been able to overcome fear, make sure to listen to this episode of BeFufilled!

Why it’s so important to celebrate small victories.

As a business leader, you are a driven and dedicated individual. You love to target the big and audacious goals and commit yourself to achieving them. While having a clear vision and focus is vital to success, it’s just as important to take care of the day to day tasks. What have you done to keep you and your team motivated along the way? Melonie DeRose has learned the supreme importance of celebrating small victories to keep herself and her team committed to the work they have ahead of them. Melonie has noticed that among many entrepreneurs this practice of celebrating small victories is largely ignored. She wants to encourage leaders like you to take up this easy and rewarding practice. Learn more from Melonie’s story on this episode of BeFulfilled!

Don’t give up, make a pivot!

Have you found that one thing that lights you up? Is it a hobby for you or is it something that you’ve been able to incorporate into your professional career? What do you do when your plans fail? Are you prepared to course correct? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from business leader and entrepreneur Melonie DeRose. Melonie has learned a powerful tool that has served her well in life and business, knowing when to pivot. She’s done this in monumental ways, like when she pivoted from running a fitness company to now running Empact Bars and even on a small, yet daily basis when the challenges of life and business pop up. Melonie points to this lesson of learning when to pivot as contributing to much of her success. Hear more about this important topic from Melonie by listening to this episode!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:42] Tony introduces his guest, Melonie DeRose.
  • [2:30] Melonie’s definition of success.
  • [3:30] What was Melonie’s childhood like?
  • [8:30] Why empowerment is so near and dear to Melonie’s heart.
  • [14:00] Ups and downs faced on the journey.
  • [17:30] Refusing to be controlled by fear.
  • [23:00] How Melonie fights the impulse to give up.
  • [27:30] Pivots made in business and learning along the way.
  • [32:00] Don’t forget to celebrate small victories.
  • [35:00] Melonie enters the Fulfillment Round.
  • [43:00] How to connect with Melonie.

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