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Do you ever struggle with making substantial gains and lasting breakthroughs in life and business? What do you think is holding you back? What do you need to do overcome those hurdles? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from the breakthrough expert, Mitch Russo. In his conversation with Tony, Mitch opens up about his struggle with drug addiction, what led him to become a creative anarchist, why he loves helping people in creative ways, how he developed the Results Breakthrough program, and much more! Don’t miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Mitch!

Breaking free from the power of drugs.

Where do you go when you hit rock bottom? Is there any chance for hope to breakthrough? How can you break free from something as powerful as an addiction to drugs? Mitch Russo was 16 years old and struggling with a severe drug addiction when he almost inadvertently ended his life. By some miracle, Mitch received a phone call just before he was about to inject a lethal mixture of heroin into his arm. From that moment, Mitch sobered up quickly and decided to take his life in a different direction. What can you learn from Mitch’s story? Learn more on this fascinating episode of BeFulfilled!

Finding unique ways to help people.

What is your superpower? Do you excel at sales or is managing and directing others your special skill set? How have you leveraged your abilities to excel in your career? Too often, men and women go through life without identifying and making the most of their abilities. Here to help solve that problem and get people to operate out of their strengths is Mitch Russo! Mitch has developed a three-step approach that helps leaders like you focus on what makes you unique!

  1. Finding your purpose.
  2. Align your purpose with skills.
  3. Make lots of money!

Learn more from Mitch’s seasoned perspective and how he can help business leaders like you succeed by listening to this episode of BeFulfilled!

Giving back and bringing hope.

When you get to a certain level of success, when do you start finding ways to give back and create a pathway for others to succeed? Have you found ways to give back in your career? Mitch Russo came up with a wonderful way to invest in the lives of children who could use an extra dose of hope. Dubbed the “Ten Minute Mentor” program, Mitch has found a way to involve his clients in a program to help inner-city high school students by connecting them to a mentor. This whole program is deeply connected to Mitch’s story, he wants to help bring hope to kids in desperate situations, like the one he was in all those years ago.

Results Breakthrough!

Are you tired of investing in courses and tools only to have them collect dust because you can’t muster up the motivation to complete them? What is the solution? How do you take advantage of these helpful resources and get the best ROI? Mitch Russo was convinced that he wasn’t’ alone when it came to his struggles with online courses and programs, that’s why he developed the Results Breakthrough Program. Mitch’s program is designed to help leaders like you follow through and engage with the valuable content you need to take your career to the next level. Learn more about Mitch’s program and how it can help you by listening to this engaging episode!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Mitch Russo.
  • [1:30] Mitch shares his definition of success and his struggle with drug addiction.
  • [7:30] How did Mitch begin his professional career?
  • [11:40] What is a creative anarchist?
  • [16:30] Helping people in unique ways.
  • [19:30] What is the Results Breakthrough program?
  • [25:00] The one thing that lights Mitch up the most.
  • [29:30] Mitch talks about his Ten Minute Mentor program.
  • [31:30] Mitch enters the Fulfillment Round, rapid-fire questions.

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