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Have you experienced the healing and purpose that can be found in a spiritual community? Do you find yourself trying to make sense of the pain you’ve experienced in your life? On this episode of BEFULFILLED, you’ll hear from Reverend Ryan Canaday. In his conversation with Tony, Ryan opens up about his childhood, his battle with alcohol abuse, how his wife helped him on the road to recovery, why he’s committed to helping others find God’s grace, and much more. If you find yourself longing for more depth, understanding, and grace, this is the episode for you!

Hitting rock bottom.

Some people find their way to God’s grace the easy way and some find their way by taking a more difficult route. Ryan started out on the straight and narrow, finding spiritual community at his local church from a young age. Ryan even enrolled in Bible College right out of high school but soon found himself hitting rock bottom when his brother died in a drunk driving accident. From that point on, Ryan’s faith was challenged, and he turned to alcohol to help numb the pain. Sinking into shame and isolation, Ryan eventually hit rock bottom with his alcohol abuse, and it was there at rock bottom that Ryan started to really experience the touch of God’s grace.

Finding God’s grace.

Some say that the intensity of grace is appreciated all the more by those who have a lot of mistakes that need to be covered over. Ryan Canaday struggled with alcohol abuse for years even while he was attending seminary and training to become a minister. Eventually, Ryan’s wife confronted him with his addiction, and they were able to embark on the road to recovery together. Ryan says that he experiences the power of God’s grace most intensely during some of the lowest places on his journey. Learning from his pain and the healing he found in God’s grace, Ryan and his wife soon realized that they needed to share the joy of recovery with others.

Helping others find freedom in spiritual community.

What has been your experience with a spiritual community? Did you grow up with a positive and empowering spiritual community or was your experience more of a boring and unhelpful one? Ryan Canaday was fortunate to experience a positive spiritual community at church when he was young, and that positive experience led him to pursue a career as a minister. After battling addiction and entering a life of sobriety, Ryan and his wife realized that they needed to help others discover the freedom found in recovery. Together, Ryan and his wife created FREE, a spiritual community for addicts, loved ones of addicts, and spiritual refugees.

Be still, be present.

Where has Ryan’s journey from anxiety to alcohol abuse to recovery ultimately led him to? Is he really better off today than he was before he started his journey? What is it that keeps him headed in the right direction? According to Ryan, it all comes down to slowing down and being present and in the moment. For so long in his life, Ryan sought to numb his body and hide away from feelings, but now he’s working to eliminate distractions and really focus on who he is with or what he is doing with his full attention. To hear more of Ryan’s powerful story of recovery, God’s grace, and building a healthy spiritual community, make sure to listen to this episode of BEFULFILLED!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:35] Tony introduces his guest, Reverend Ryan Canaday.
  • [2:00] Ryan’s definition of success.
  • [5:00] What was Ryan’s childhood like?
  • [11:20] Ryan talks about his experience with alcohol abuse.
  • [14:30] How the voice of evil can lead us astray.
  • [18:00] Ryan talks about his relationship with his wife.
  • [27:00] Experiencing God’s grace.
  • [32:00] Ryan talks about FREE, a spiritual community for addicts, loved ones of addicts, and spiritual refugees.
  • [38:30] Ryan enters the Fulfillment Round; rapid-fire questions.
  • [45:15] Closing thoughts from Tony and Ryan.

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