The Real Stories
Behind Success


Making an Impact, Embracing Confidence, and Leading Others Through Transformation 

What can you learn from a seasoned leader who has made a career leading others through transformation? Imagine the insights and lessons that you could learn and implement in your organization. On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator Steve Gordon. Steve is dedicated to helping leaders like you do the hard yet rewarding work of making an impact and experiencing transformation. Learn from Steve’s story and how he has embraced confidence in his own abilities and moved forward in a bold direction. You don’t want to miss a minute of this powerful episode featuring Steve!

Leading others through transformation.

What will be the legacy that you leave behind? How does that line up with your view of success and accomplishment? How have your views changed over the years? On this episode of BeFulfilled, Steve Gordon opens up about his view of success and how he sees it connected to the people in his life. Success for Steve boils down to leaving an impact, he wants to help people in his personal and professional life make the changes necessary so they can experience transformation. Listening to Steve open up to Tony, you really get the sense that Steve is passionate about leading others through transformation. To hear more about Steve’s life and the amazing insights he has to share, make sure to listen to this episode!

Where does the responsibility ultimately lie?

Many business leaders are also parents, and parenting in this digital age is a scary and often confusing experience. How do you navigate the immense opportunity and clear danger that tools like the internet present? On this episode of BeFulfilled, Steve Gordon shares his thoughts and experiences on parenting in the age of social media. According to Steve, at the end of the day, you need to take responsibility for your use of tools like social media and teach your children to do the same. Steve views the internet like any other tool, it can be used responsibly or irresponsibly, we need to take the time to learn how to use it wisely. This lines up with Steve’s overall goal of leading others through transformation, clearly, he takes it seriously at home as much as he does at the office. Listen to this episode to get more helpful lessons from Steve!

What can you learn from times of adversity?

Can you think back to a time when you faced a period of adversity in your personal or professional life? What did you learn from that experience? How has it shaped you as a leader? On this episode of BeFulfilled, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and innovator, Steve Gordon. Steve shares how the financial crisis of 2008/2009 sent shock waves through the engineering industry, where he was working at the time. While it seemed like the worst possible experience at the time, Steve now looks back at this adversity as ultimately leading him to a happier personal and professional life. To hear more about Steve’s journey and what he learned through periods of adversity, make sure to listen to this episode!

Never underestimate the influence you have on those around you!

Which individuals have been the most influential in your life? Do your parents come to mind? What about close childhood friends or mentors? How has their influence shaped you as a leader? On this episode of BeFulfilled, Steve Gordon explains how his parents and mentors helped shape him into the leader he is today. Steve was fortunate to grow up in a home watching his father start his own business while his mother filled him with encouragement and confidence. In fact, Steve looks back on his childhood as helping to prepare him for the unique entrepreneurial journey that he would set out on later in life. To hear more about how Steve grew confident in his own abilities and the continued impact his parents had on his life, make sure to listen to this episode!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • [0:30] Tony introduces his guest, Steve Gordon.
  • [2:00] Steve’s definition of success.
  • [3:30] What was Steve’s childhood like?
  • [5:30] Steve’s take on social media and raising children.
  • [7:00] What was the big change in Steve’s life?
  • [10:00] Steve talks about his post college career.
  • [13:00] What’s the big project that Steve is working on right now?
  • [16:00] The biggest business challenge that Steve has faced.
  • [18:00] Steve’s advice for business leaders.
  • [19:30] How Steve’s perspective has changed over the years.
  • [21:30] Steve talks about the influence his parents had on him.
  • [25:00] Lessons learned from podcasting.
  • [26:30] Steve enters the Fulfillment Round.
  • [30:30] Words of wisdom that have impacted Steve.
  • [33:30] How to connect with Steve.

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